Peer Support


To actively promote behavioral health and wellness among AF&R members and their families by listening, supporting, referring & assisting them during times of stress or crisis.


  • To support the overall mission of Anaheim Fire & Rescue by striving to keep the workforce at its best.
  • To provide excellent resources, education and care for our members.
  • To better manage stress resulting from exposure to traumatic events (which is an inherent part of our job)
  • To stay connected with members who are separated by injury.
  • To lead change in the fire service culture; to eliminate stigma and promote the benefits of behavioral health


  • Confidential
  • Accepting/Available
  • Responsible
  • Excellent
  • Servant’s Attitude

What Peer Support Is

  • Someone who will listen
  • Someone who will be honest with you
  • Someone you can trust
  • Someone who understands the unique challenges of our job
  • An avenue to face problems head-on
  • A place where you can find the help you need to stay in the game
    (building strength and resilience for continued service)

What Peer Support Is NOT

  • A place to camp out and avoid your problems
  • Someone to agree with you when you’re wrong
  • A way to place blame and avoid personal responsibility
  • A place for weak people who don’t want to improve their situation
    (Facing your problems-being vulnerable is not a weakness. It is a great strength-and the straightest path to positive change)

Good First Steps

  • Have a face-to-face conversation with someone you know and trust on your Peer Support Team
  • Contact The Counseling Team International and make an appointment to talk to a professional counselor  (1-800-222-9691)
  • Call me and let’s go have a cup after your shift. (I’ll buy!)
Brad Hirst